Noci Richmond

Fresh Pasta and Sicilian Flair.

Noci is located on the river side of Richmond Hill. It’s just a short walk from the picturesque Thames where one can enjoy a pre- or post-lunch or dinner stroll. A lovely setting for this polished pasta restaurant.

Noci breadThe space is attractive, contemporary and airy. The split levels allow for different ambiance: the front section is ideal for couples and small groups, with the lower level being perfect for larger gatherings.

Noci has outstanding fresh pasta and Sicilian street food-inspired snacks. It’s all tempting, and it’s worth giving in to that temptation. House-baked focaccia is a must try here. It is light and airy and likely the best expression of that bread variety you will ever have. It’s true that reviewers don’t often wax lyrical about bread, but it is worthy of a journalistic accolade.

But my dear reader will want to order other items to go along with that focaccia. The menu isn’t huge, but it is perfectly designed to appeal to every taste. We ordered Burrata with marinated courgettes, mint and oregano. That fresh cheese was quality, cool, rich and creamy.

I, being a spice lover, was taken by ‘Nduja Arancini served atop Parmesan foam. Deep joy! A great take on arancini. This is a traditional Sicilian street food and made from cold risotto rice shaped into balls and stuffed, breaded, and fried till golden and crisp on the outside. This version was complemented by that filling of spicy red ‘Nduja. The serving was three small arancini, a good size for a starter for one or for sharing …although I had no intention of sharing mine!

Noci PastaMy guest’s choice of pasta was Amatriciana made with ziti, Datterini tomatoes (small, sweet Sicilian tomatoes), crispy guanciale, and pecorino. Guanciale is a salt-cured meat from pork jowls or cheeks. This was a hearty dish that was pronounced flavourful and moreish.

The skill of the chef

I ordered Aglio e Olio pasta. This is a classic and executed very well at Noci: spaghettoni with crispy garlic chips, chilli and parsley. Spaghettoni is like long spaghetti but thicker. This was another spicy dish and one which I will be sure to order again. It sounds a simple preparation, and it is, but it’s down to the skill of the chef to combine those few ingredients to present a memorable result. Next time I will ask the waitress for another chunk of focaccia to mop up the last of that well-flavoured oil lingering at the bottom of the bowl. Richmond is a classy up-market area and we were sitting by the window, so licking the plate was not an option.

Lemon and passion fruit budino was my companion’s dessert. He is a man with both a sweet tooth and a taste for the finer things in life and he was intrigued by this suggestion. This was a substantial and beautifully presented tangy custard topped with cream and passionfruit. Menu items come and go but I hope Noci keep this as their signature dessert.

I had little room left so I enjoyed an Affogato of vanilla ice cream and double espresso (one could add Frangelico). I appreciated the lightness as well as the belt of caffeine to get me home after this substantial repast.

Noci offers a great lunch deal too. The offer includes a drink, focaccia, and pasta for just £15 every Monday-Friday 12:00-17:00 (excludes Bank Holidays).

15-17 Hill Rise
TW10 6UQ

Phone: 020 3910 4933

Mon-Wed 12:00-22:00
Thu-Sat 12:00-23:00
Sun 12:00-21:00

Well-behaved dogs welcome.

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