Negroni in a Bottle Bar and Shop

negroni bottleXhulio and Natalie are a husband-and-wife team with a passion for bottled cocktails. Those bottles have great shelf appeal, offering the promise of delicious contents.

In December 2017 they opened Bottle Bar and Shop in Catford, South London. They have made a success of their enterprise even in these strange times. In 2019 they won a Great Taste Award for their Negroni – and the competition for such stars is keen!

The bottled cocktails and infusions are handmade by a small team in equally small batches to ensure the highest quality. The date bottled is written on each label. The Negroni bottle is simple and sophisticated, making this gift-quality for Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day, Christmas Day or Any Day). It’s also vegan-friendly.

There are no additives or flavourings in these cocktails, and they are all made with natural ingredients. They use quality recognised spirit brands such as Rock Rose Gin (that’s in the Negroni), Holy Grass Vodka, In The Loop vermouth to produce memorable mixes. These cocktails are as good as one can find in the best bars.

But what is a Negroni? It is the quintessential Italian cocktail. It is thought that it was first mixed in Florence, Italy, in 1919. Others suggest it was actually invented in 1857 or in 1914. But whatever the history, the Negroni family founded the Negroni Distilleries and produced a ready-mixed version of the drink. Traditionally it is stirred rather than being shaken.

To make the perfect Negroni:

10cl of the Bottle Bar and Shop Negroni cocktail is stirred over ice and then simply poured over fresh ice in a tumbler and garnished with a slice of orange.  This Negroni has been infused with orange and pink grapefruit zest for several weeks to give it a pleasing balance. It can also be made into a tall and refreshing spritz by adding soda water. This mix is 20% ABV.

Bottle Bar and Shop handcrafted bottled cocktails are found at the shop in Catford, or from the company website. They are also available for nationwide delivery.


Visit Bottle Bar and Shop here