Mikasa for Martini

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Mikasa MartiniCocktails are more popular than ever. We have our favourites. We seek the best place to enjoy them, and we discuss our preferred recipes. But there is one special element to the cocktail experience, and that is the glassware. Good choices add so much to that cocktail. The Mikasa Cheers set of 4 Martini glasses will impress.

Mikasa was a brand new to me.  The company was founded in California in 1948 under another name. They started by importing dinnerware and supplying retailers such as Bloomingdales and Macy’s. The company was renamed Mikasa in 1957 and by the 1970s the brand was adding quality glassware to its celebrated collection.

Etching won’t wash off

Mikasa Cheers Martini Glasses are stunning. They are large, well-balanced and have that unmistakable clarity of crystal. The set comprises four glasses, each with a precision-etched design. The designs are subtle but unlike transfers, the etching won’t wash off. Each unique glass will remain as beautiful as the day it arrived. The glasses each have a different design but when grouped they make a complementary set of crisp and tactile pieces of bar art.

These statuesque martini glasses do double duty. Their generous size prompts visions of jolly evenings with favourite mixed drinks but they are just as useful for other kind of cocktails, too. I would suggest a classic prawn cocktail as a change from your usual vodka. Then there are all those delicate desserts. Chocolate mousse looks fabulous and shows off the etched spirals, lines and dots of the glasses.

Mikasa Cheers Martini Glasses would be a welcome gift for any lover of cocktails or quality glassware. They would add so much to any smart dinner table or home bar.


Item weight: 100 g
Capacity: 290 ml
Dimensions: 12.07 x 12.07 x 18.73 cm
Material: crystal glass


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