Merchant Gourmet has Christmas Covered

Delicious Plant Jars, and hamper-worthy

I love cooking but towards the end of the year there are plenty of distractions – like that little thing called Christmas. There isn’t always enough time in our hectic lives to cook from scratch, but I still want to present delicious food, and Merchant Gourmet solves the dilemma.

merchant gourmet plant jarMerchant Gourmet has long offered convenient pouches of ready-to-heat grains and pulses along with spiced flavour combinations from around the globe. Meals are so simple to prepare, and the range is so international that there is something for every taste. These pouches can be used as either sides or a main course when other dishes are added. But now the company has developed some gift-quality goods called Plant Jars.

Attractive jars

Spicy Lentil and Black Beans Chilli comes in an attractive jar and is part of a trio of recyclable, reusable and beautiful glass jars designed by London artist Rose Electra Harris. The rich and spicy tomato sauce with sweetcorn and red peppers just needs a pairing of some cooked rice or even some flour tortillas for a quick meal.

Lentils and Chickpeas cooked in a mild Madras curry sauce with butternut squash is full of flavour and a quick fix for curry night. Rice and naan and perhaps an Indian pickle complete a lovely meal.

Puy and Green Lentils cooked in a rich tomato sauce with pieces of porcini mushrooms create a warming vegetarian Bolognese. Pour over pasta or create your own vegetarian lasagne. Serve with a green salad and perhaps some crusty bread …oh, and a glass of red.

So we have easy dinners, but hows about all your foodie friends? I have an idea, dear reader! A hamper, just a little one but a welcome one. A collection of three jars would give the promise of a few hearty meals with almost no effort. It’s a gift that will keep on giving for days and days, and those jars can grace the pantry shelves when they are empty. Just fill with your own dried lentils, chickpeas or other grains. A thoughtful vegetarian gift, and in the best possible taste.


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