Me and Mes Amis in Maastricht

Mes AmisI have said it before, and I will say it yet again – The Netherlands has amazing food! It’s not all gin and cheese, although both are very good. There is a wealth of dining opportunities in this country so why do we overlook such gastronomic treasures? I have no idea, but I think Mes Amis will persuade my dear reader to take another look …or a first look.

I have met Mes Amis Annaline and Patriek Doelen only once, but they are worthy of the accolade. In truth Mes Amis is the name of their restaurant, and a meal here in Maastricht will likely have you booking a return visit.Mes Amis salad

Patriek is patron-cuisinier and is Annaline’s son, and he grew up in the restaurant from the age of eleven. He graduated from dishwasher to sous chef and then on to Hotel Management School in Maastricht. He has travelled the world and has also worked in prestigious restaurants. The polish is evident!

Annaline isn’t just the restaurant’s mum. She is an attractive, humorous and dynamic lady and a wine specialist. Her credentials are impeccable, and she is well respected as a promoter of regional wines. Yes, Limburg has a great many noteworthy wines and they are expertly paired with outstanding dishes at Mes Amis. A meal here is an event but a warm and cosy one.

Fine dining a casual pleasure

Mes Amis is one of the best restaurants in town. I have been informed of that fact by gastronomic types in the know. From my experience it’s one of the best in The Netherlands and likely in Europe. Its unintimidating and intimate persona makes fine dining a casual pleasure, and those words are rarely seen together. Patriek, with his skilled team, provides the culinary expertise while Annaline is all about the impressive wines.

Mes Amis vealBoth food and wine are, as much as possible, local. Mes Amis have a wonderful relationship with food producers in their region, as well as those making the aforementioned wines. The combination of both truly creates a dining experience that is second to none and unique. The menu is exciting, offering hints of tradition served with an ample side of confident innovation.

We enjoyed several courses with some small plates between. These were garnished with lots of background information on those thoughtfully-chosen wines. The fish starter contained both wasabi and gin. The second dish was a delicious tapestry of plaice and courgettes. The main course was succulent and pink veal entrecote with cauliflower cream. The dessert heralded the end of this substantial dinner. White chocolate mousse was as pretty as a picture and a sweet finale to a memorable and fun meal.

Wine restaurant Mes Amis ticked all available boxes for me. Every dish was well-composed and executed. The wines were all first class and quite a revelation. Can I recommend this family-run restaurant? Oh, my goodness, yes! I will return to see what Annaline and Patriek Doelen will present in future. I don’t know what that will be, but I know it will be remarkable.

Mes Amis dessert

Wine restaurant Mes Amis
Tongersestraat 5
6211 LL Maastricht

Phone: 043 325 78 66

Opening hours:
Lunch Only on reservation
Dinner 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Closed on Tuesdays

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