Maestro Dobel Diamante Multi-Aged Tequila

Maestro TequilaTequila has long been popular in the US, north of the border from Mexico, the land of its origin. It is now rather trendy in Europe, where its unique taste is prized in cocktails. But there are some tequilas that are so well-crafted that they deserve to be enjoyed alone or simply in the company of a little ice. Maestro Dobel Diamante Multi-Aged Tequila is just such a spirit.

The Maestro brand offers single-estate tequila blends produced in small batches, double-distilled for unique character and a smoother taste. They have been producing tequila for 11 generations, so I guess they have perfected their techniques. Every step of the process is supervised by the Maestro Tequilero, and that starts with seeding the essential agave.

Distinctive qualities

Tequila is a spirit made primarily from blue agave. That plant takes around a decade to grow to a suitable size for production. It is cooked and fermented and finally distilled to present a flavourful beverage with some of the distinctive qualities of the raw ingredient.

I confess that Maestro Dobel Diamante is the first multi-aged tequila I have tasted. It is a blend of 100% agave Extra-Añejo (extra aged), Añejo (aged) and Reposado (a little aged) tequilas, matured in European oak barrels and double filtered. This has produced a spirit with great sophistication and elegance.

Diamante Multi-Aged Tequila is gentle on the nose, and one couldn’t say that about most tequilas available in the UK. It is smooth, creamy, and I detected a hint of coconut, perhaps, from the oak, along with sweet vanilla.

The Maestro Dobel producers suggest that Diamante can be served over ice or as part of a Margarita. I personally would reserve such a refined spirit for drinking straight, with no mixers but just a large chunk of ice. There are plenty of other brands of amber tequila that are wonderful in cocktails, but please reserve Maestro Dobel Diamante Multi-Aged Tequila for sipping slowly and with warm appreciation.


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