Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates for Mum

Treat that special lady for Mother’s Day

Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection chocolatesWell, that came around quickly! Just finished getting the pine needles out of the carpet from the Christmas celebrations; the dustman hasn’t even collected the champagne bottles (OK, so it was prosecco) from Valentine’s; and now it’s Mother’s Day. But what to give that wonderful woman? A box of Lily O’Brien’s Desserts Collection chocolates would be perfect.

When it comes to gifts, mums don’t need anything else to dust. But mention the prospect of a treat in the shape of something sweet and one is bound to get a positive response. Indicate that that confection might come in a Lily O’Brien’s box and she will swear that you were always her favourite offspring!

Favourite desserts

All Lily O’Brien’s selections are a delight. The Desserts Collection has a tempting array of 18 chocolates including rich Hazelnut Torte, tangy Lemon Posset (my favourite), classic Banoffee Pie, creamy Creme Brulée, fruity Raspberry Infusion and refreshing Key Limey Pie. Yes, they are all styled in the fashion of favourite desserts. Each sweet bite is perfectly formed and pretty as a picture. Those flavours are unique and deliciously crafted.

Lily O’Brien’s never disappoint. They compete with those chocolates from expensive confectionery boutiques. They give the delightful impression of being hand-made by a skilled chocolatier, probably in Paris and with a very exclusive client list. In fact, one can buy them online and in many good supermarkets, and the company is Irish. Quel horreur!

You gotta love Lily O’Brien’s chocolates. I do …and any chocolate-loving Mum will as well!

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