Laylo – The Gift of Wine

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laylo whiteYes, I admit it – I drink from wine boxes (via a glass). Having made that bold statement I must also say that those boxes have contained wine of varying quality and mostly lacking any visual appeal. Laylo wines offer quality in content and a great deal of beauty in packaging.

I love the concept. It’s practical. Once opened Laylo wines can be enjoyed in all their fresh vibrancy for six weeks or so. They are as good as one can find from a bottle, but they are more easily stored in one’s fridge or cellar (yeah, like I have one of those) or hall cupboard.

We have been using glass bottles for wines for hundreds of years and it was only a few decades ago that wine boxes started to put in an appearance. They were famed for containing poor quality wines and no serious wine drinker would consider buying such a box. That bias has continued but standards have improved beyond measure. Laylo source their wines directly from the small producers and they offer wines which are just as delicious as if they came from a bottle.

Thousands of kgs of carbon are generated to make and transport tonnes of glass.  Amazingly 600 million bottles of wine are poured away every year because they aren’t enjoyed before their ‘best before’ date. I am not advocating that people drink to excess but, rather, choose wines that last in peak condition for longer.

laylo redLaura Riches and Laura Rosenberger have plenty of experience in the wine industry. They met while working at Naked Wines. In 2020, they decided to create a premium boxed wine that would grace any countertop.  Indeed the unique selling point of Laylo wines is their sustainable and attractive boxes. They truly are not only creditable wines but also gift quality.

I have tried a couple from their range:

Lot #3: Vino Rosso Vulcanico is made from grapes grown on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. A solid wine with a balanced weight and taste profile. Would work well for evening sipping with a book by the fire, or with game meats.

Lot #2: Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and fresh when served straight from your box in the fridge. From the Loire region in France this offers a tapestry of luscious fruits, citrus and herbs. A light wine and best served chilled with canapés, veggie dishes, fish and light meats.

Learn more about Laylo wines here