Korea Visits Japan Centre

Snacking with Seoul.

Japan Centre SnacksJapan Centre offers some classy and tempting food shopping options and not all of them are Japanese. Their selection of Korean goods offers some of the most popular items from that country. Here is a peek at some of their snack suggestions.

Peanut chocolate biscuit sticks from Sunyoung are convenient for snacking on the go. The crunchy batons are individually wrapped for easy sharing (or not!). Each one is dipped in melted chocolate, leaving enough nude cookie as a handle. The chocolate is mixed with roasted peanuts for added flavour and texture.

Nuts Lab Korean Wasabi Almonds are an alternative to the ubiquitous peanut variety, and they are delicious. These pack a punch of wasabi spice tempered with a sweetness from the nuts. They are crunchy and the perfect nibble to go along with a well-chilled beer.

If you are looking for a milder yet still flavourful crunch, then try Nong Shim Shrimp Flavoured Crackers. These come in both hot and regular flavours. They are light, crispy and salty puffs which would be ideal served with a sticky dipping sauce. Crush a few and sprinkle atop a seafood salad or shrimp cocktail. They have the flavour of cooked shrimps which is addictive and especially when served with a glass of dry white wine.

Japan Centre has something for every taste and every occasion, and from Japan and beyond.

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