Karma Bites

Karma BitesSounded more like a threat than a snack – Karma Bites. They were in fact light and airy puffed and flavourful lotus seed nibbles, and new to me.

Lotus seeds, also called fox nuts or makhanas, come from a plant called Euryale Fox which grows in the still waters of ponds over much of Asia. The flowers are easily recognisable as are their distinctive seed pods. They have been prized in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and in India they are found in traditional Ayurvedic diets, as well as being a common and healthy snack.

A partner to Japanese drinks

Karma Bites come in several flavours; Wasabi was one of the two I tried, and it was outstanding. They were innocent looking, pale puffs – but do not be fooled. These cloud-like nuggets pack a punch which will be loved by those more accustomed to the ubiquitous wasabi peanut, but will be a surprise to those who expect a gluten-free and noble snack to be lacking in the taste department. These are excellent – perfect as a partner to Japanese drinks before dinner.

These puffed lotus seeds come in a variety of flavours from the pungent wasabi to sweet and delicate coconut and vanilla. These make an interesting addition to one’s usual range of goods to serve with drinks or, in the case of the coconut flavour, crushed atop a creamy exotic fruit dessert.

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