A’Rom Moulin Coarse Salt – product review

Aimed at the informed palette, simple condiments are raised to dizzy heights with these carefully selected gourmet salt and pepper combinations. Each A’Rom Moulin is all the more tantalising for the addition of highly flavoured luxury ingredients.

A’Rom Moulin – a mouthwatering array

Season sophisticated summer salads and raise the barbecue bar with freshly-milled combinations to enhance the flavours of meat and fish.

A’Rom Moulin salt Christmas gift ideas
A collection of coarse salts, including the piquant Himalayan Pink Salt, combine with a mouthwatering array of herbs and fungi. Perfect for pasta, Salt with Porcini Mushrooms and Salt with Black Summer Truffles deliver texture and flavour. Dress simple tagliatelle for a black-tie engagement! For the herb lover, Salt with Marine Plants and Salt & Herbes de Provence add a wonderful aroma and a taste of the country. Coarse Salt & Basil transports the palate to Italy – delicious with salads and fish; while Sel Fou will leave the gourmand in paroxysms of pleasure with its wild and willful blend of paprika, peppercorns and thyme.

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