Kabuto Ramen Meal Kit

kabuto kit“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his noodles.” Well, I couldn’t put it better myself! A visit to the Kabuto web page is worth it not only for the food but also for the Zenish sayings. Those ramen noodles will linger just as long in the memory, too.

Kabuto was founded in 2010 when they saw a need for better quality instant noodles, and their ramen kits do indeed fit that bill very well. They had the idea of creating delicious Asian-inspired noodles. Each kit contains the essential noodle nests, stock paste and spice mix. All the expectant diner needs to add are the fresh ingredients. The whole ramen cooking process is over in 15 minutes. That’s far less time than calling out for a take-away, and much healthier as well.

Enough for two

The Mellow-Miso Ramen contains miso-flavoured vegetable broth with ramen noodles and furikake sprinkles as a topping. The box holds enough for two, and they are generous servings.  One just needs to add fresh vegetables and they can be any of your family favourites. One can obviously add one’s own extra seasonings as desired. That is the beauty of these Kabuto ramen kits.

kabuto bowl
The Chilli-Lime-Leaf Ramen kit offers a spicy Thai chicken broth with ramen noodles and a coconut and lemongrass topping, giving the stock an authentic flavour.  This kit requires fresh vegetables and chicken, for two substantial bowls.

Vegetables of your choice

Spicy Garlic Ramen has a garlicy chicken broth with ramen noodles and a shichimi togarashi topping. This is a traditional Japanese mix of seven spices, often found on tables of Japanese noodle restaurants. Just add fresh vegetables of your choice and chicken, and perhaps for a garlic addict even a little fried garlic and a drizzle of the infused oil as a finish. That would elevate this from a scrumptious meal for a couple to Asian dinner-party fare.

Kabuto have flavourful kits which are simple to use, resulting in a good meal for a brace of eaters. That’s dinner sorted!


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