Japan – Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018 – guidebook review

Marco Polo JapanJapan is a country like no other. Ask people where in the world they would dream of visiting and they will likely mention Japan. It is a heady cocktail of tradition and modernity, and it’s easy to feel out of one’s depth. But there is help, and in a very convenient size and format. A real travel companion. It’s Japan – Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018.

Japan – Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018 covers Japan in its entirety. One could travel from the main islands to distant Okinawa, which was, till a couple of hundred years ago, an independent kingdom. There is more to see than Tokyo but that, too, is covered. There is Kyoto with its old and iconic traditional buildings, and there is Hiroshima with the Peace Memorial Park where people leave offerings of origami cranes.

The book is organised by region and each section has handy travel tips, food recommendations, and information on tours. There is also a Touring App so you can download any of the Discovery Tours to your smartphone, complete with the detailed route description and map exactly as featured in the guide, free of charge. The maps can be used offline, too, and that is a real bonus in Japan where wifi can be patchy. There is a Road Atlas and pull-out map for those who shun technology on their vacations.

The Marco Polo Japan guide has a number of pages devoted to Useful Japanese Phrases. Many people in Japanese cities speak a little English but there are fewer outside. Some well-chosen polite words in Japanese will be appreciated by everyone you meet. You are evidently a tourist, so nobody is expecting you to be fluent, but your attempts to speak Japanese will be most welcome.

Marco Polo Pocket Guide to Japan has comprehensive coverage of main sights and events. Yes, it’s ‘handy’ but it’s also reassuring. With this book you will arrive with ideas of where you want to go, what you want to see and likely all the information you will need to do it. This little book will give you confidence in this truly unique country.

Japan – Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018
Published by: MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co
Price: £7.99
anguage: English
ISBN-10: 3829707703
ISBN-13: 978-3829707701


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