How to Drink Gin

how to drink ginHow to Drink Gin! That’s a curious name for a book, isn’t it? One would think it’s a simple process. Step 1 – Fill glass with gin. Step 2 – Throw head back and pour aforementioned beverage into open mouth. Step 3 – swallow. But there is much more to enjoying gin than that. How to Drink Gin, Make it, Mix it, Master it is the instruction manual!

This is a great little book for anybody wanting to understand more about this popular spirit. One learns how gin is distilled and all about the botanicals which make each bottle of gin so very different from the next. There is a short history of gin starting way back in the 1500s. Seems Mother’s Ruin has been around for many centuries!

There is an interesting chapter on tasting gin. One might assume that one tastes gin when one drinks it. But first, look at the spirit. Notice the aroma; just think about that mouthful and try to recognise all those flavours. That process gives another dimension to the appreciation of a delicious clean spirit.

Very convivial hobby

How to Drink Gin will be the perfect gift, and especially when partnered by a bottle – and here there are ten suggestions of different styles of gin. We all have our favourites, but this book will allow the lucky recipient to choose a couple that will be to their taste. It might even start a new and very convivial hobby.

And talking of conviviality – there are lots of Classic Cocktails listed in How to Drink Gin, as well as plenty of information on mixing, glassware and garnishes. One can easily please a crowd or impress that one special person with just the right cocktail.

How to Drink Gin is a tasteful, gift-quality book with lots of good advice, glossy pictures and inspiration. It’s likely going to solve many a Christmas pressie dilemma this year.

How to Drink Gin
Author: Sue Telford
Publisher: RedDoor Press
Price: £12.99
ISBN-13: 978-1913062002