Rock Rose has Dad Covered

A touch of #ScottishMagic is the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2022

Conjure up a touch of #ScottishMagic this Father’s Day (Sunday June 19th ). Holy Grass Vodka from Scotland’s most northerly mainland distillery is as old as the ancient River Thurso and as bewitching as the Northern Lights that light the sky above the Caithness coastline where this vodka is hand-crafted with care – using the botanical that gives its name to the brand, Holy Grass.

This super-premium 41.5% ABV spirit is smooth, complex, and bewitching.  If the father figure in your life is a legend, let him uncork the legend that is Holy Grass and discover this award-winning vodka that’s waiting to be savoured.

Holy Grass is all about discovery. Its hero botanical was thought to be extinct but in the 1850s and was rediscovered growing on the banks of the Thurso River by Robert Dick, a botanist and amateur natural historian.

Why it took so long for anyone to spot that this would make a brilliant vodka is anyone’s guess, but the point is, now they have. Martin Murray and Claire Murray are the husband-and-wife team who co-founded Dunnet Bay Distillers which makes Holy Grass Vodka and also delicious Rock Rose Gin.

Martin says: “I love to distil our spirits using sustainably foraged and locally grown botanicals where possible. I was introduced to this plant and once we had experimented with it, we didn’t look back. Holy Grass imparts a distinctive sweetness and depth to the vodka which is given balance with the vapour of Highland apple juice.”

This vodka has an especially soft mouthfeel, making it perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks. It’s as if the distillery captured the Northern Lights and bottled them.

How to buy #ScottishMagic

Order this direct from the distillery website. Gift options include:

  • The Bottle – a ceramic bottle (£34 for 70cl)
  • The Pouch – a recyclable refill pouch (£32) – you simply refill the bottle, and return the pouch via Freepost with no extra postage or packaging needed
  • The Cocktail – ready-to-drink cocktails made with Holy Grass Vodka and Apple Tonic (5.5%ABV)  in sustainable aluminium cans with recyclable paper labels (from £2.50) – perfect as a gift or if you are planning a day of outdoor celebrations for June 19th .

Order by 14th June to ensure the Scottish Magic will arrive in good time.

This hero botanical is fit for the hero in your life. Uncork the Northern Lights and have a magical Father’s Day.