Holiday Favourites and Bubbly from Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly HolidayWhere did that year go? Still getting the pine needles from last year out of the carpet pile and now it’s time to shed anew!

Jelly Belly started as a confectionery company in the US in 1869. It’s still a family-owned company and since 1960 they have been famed for their jelly beans. They are bombs of vibrant flavours and rainbow colours. These days they can be found across the globe, and with around 50 varieties there is a bean to suit every taste.

Much thought will be lavished on extravagant gifts at Christmas, but also on those amusing stocking-fillers. Chocolate has long been a go-to sweet treat and that is perfect for most of us, although there are those, like my husband, who can’t eat too much of that. But we still want to offer those folks some confection with a hint of Yule-tide sparkle.

Dinner table decoration

And talking of sparkles, Jelly Belly, that celebrated jelly bean producer has come up with a very festive novelty that would be a stylish stocking stuffer, but just as welcome as part of the Christmas dinner table decoration. These miniature Champagne bottles are bubbling with translucent jelly beans with a wine-like and adult flavour.Belly Belly Bubbly

One might be looking for a sharing pack in subtle shades that will delight lucky recipients on Christmas morning. These jelly beans will be equally enjoyed as part of the nibbles tray during the holiday season. It’s the American Holiday Favourites pack and it reflects some of those festive dishes and drinks from across the Pond. There are beans in a collection of unique flavours including egg nog, candy cane, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce (my favourite) and hot chocolate, which is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Jelly Belly jelly beans are certified OU kosher, vegetarian, and free from gelatine, gluten, fat and dairy, and therefore suitable for almost everybody.

Holiday Favourites and Bubbly from Jelly Belly are fun to eat and ideal for sharing … although I personally will be buying lots and hiding them!


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