Green One Pound Meals

Delicious for You, Good for the Planet

Green One PoundAuthor Miguel Barclay, The One Pound Chef, is on a mission to make our diets ‘greener’.  It’s a wonderful notion and one to which we should all subscribe. But foods need to be delicious as well as being economical and planet-friendly.

In Green One Pound Meals, Miguel brings his practical philosophy of presenting healthy and tasty dishes which won’t break the bank. This book isn’t a pure vegan or vegetarian book: it offers a little fish and meat as well. Miguel is obviously a realist. Most of us are choosing to eat more plant-based foods, either to help the planet or to save some cash. Vegetables don’t have to be boring, and a little meat can go a long way.

Easy and delicious recipes

Green One Pound Meals includes lots of ideas for avoiding food waste, saving time as well as money. This would be the perfect gift for those leaving home and cooking for themselves for the first time. Easy and delicious recipes with a bias towards more veggies could be the order of the day. Almost all the recipes are for a single serving but can obviously be scaled up. The book doesn’t have chapter headings – this is a volume through which to graze. There are over 80 recipes so plenty of choice for every taste.

I have quite a few pick-of-the-book recipes: Sun-dried Tomato Pasta is simple and quick to prepare; Chicken Shawarma and Butter Rice is exotic and satisfying; Banana Peel Pulled ‘Pork’ Bun is unique and will make good use of that part of the fruit which is usually thrown away – it certainly looks convincing; and Teriyaki Tofu is a joy to eat.

Green One Pound Meals: Delicious for You, Good for the Planet offers temptations which are very different from the norm. All the recipes are at a reasonable price and don’t demand cheffy skills to prepare.

Green One Pound Meals: Delicious for You, Good for the Planet
Author: Miguel Barclay
Published by: Headline Home
Price: £16.99
ISBN-13: 978-1472273406