Tom Savano – Refined Cocktails

Drinks for the discerning

Tom SavanoTom Savano isn’t a person. He (or should I say ‘it’?) is an independent company producing quality handcrafted drinks. Their cocktails take the lucky sipper on bespoke trips around the world. We can imagine balmy days, exotic sunsets, gentle music playing, light cotton dresses and Panama hats. A professional barman would obviously be on hand to supply those iconic chilled beverages.

Founder James Kerslake was mesmerised by just such a scene. He wanted to capture the experience, and continued making cocktails at home. I would say his hard work paid off if these cocktails are anything to go by. Each perfectly balanced libation will evoke memories of happier times when we could actually travel. Yes, those days are returning but Tom Savano cocktails could be the drink of choice while leafing through holiday magazines – or more likely key-tapping.

Tom Savano cocktails ooze quality even before the cork is removed. The angular bottles are statuesque and the labels are beautiful in muted tones of sunrise and sunset colours. The striking shelf appeal raises hopes of rather good contents within. One won’t be disappointed.

Rather fine drinks

Care has been taken to source the best ingredients and these have been skilfully melanged and married to create some rather fine drinks. They taste as good as one could find in many a swanky bar. Some pre-mixed drinks seem to miss the high-notes and lack freshness, but Tom Savano cocktails contrive to tantalise even the most jaded tastebud. I have tried four of them and they are all well-crafted and superbly convenient. Just add a flourish of garnish, some ice and serve in your best glasses.

The Tom Savano website is worth a look. There are gift sets ready to order but one could easily make up a hamper or two. There are snacks aplenty to partner one’s chosen drink and even some ice-cube moulds for a classy presentation. Any cocktail lover would appreciate a selection of these drinks, but they would be equally appropriate for anybody who wants to learn more about cocktails. No, they are not all created equal. Tom Savano offers a delicious benchmark for mixology know-how, flair and sheer good taste. My next travel destination could be a Mai Tai!


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