Graffigna Genuine Collection Reserve 2019 Malbec

The Sunday Roast Companion

Founded in 1870 by Santiago Graffigna, this is the third oldest winery in Argentina. It has a reputation for consistent quality. This Malbec is a prime example of this vineyard’s craft.

Regular readers will know that I am an unashamed lover of Malbec. I have seldom had a bad one, and Graffigna Genuine Collection Reserve 2019 Malbec is a great example of this delicious wine. It is the perfect partner to robust roast beef dinners, but I also enjoy a glass with lamb, and especially if that is garnished with a bold sauce.

A hint of pepper

This wine is balanced and characterful with a rich red appearance and piles of red fruits on the nose, along with a little of the expected pepper for which many Malbecs are celebrated.  On the palate there is a balance of both spice and tannins and a hint of pepper. There is fruit aplenty as well as toasted bread and vanilla, likely from its aging. The finish is mouth-filling and long with lingering spice.

Yes, Graffigna Genuine Collection Reserve 2019 Malbec would be my choice for that Sunday roast; but consider a bottle to pair with those exotic Indian dishes and the spicier Thai plates. I would choose this over beer as it won’t be overpowered by chilli or garlic. This is a bottle to enjoy around the winter table.

This Graffigna Genuine Collection Malbec is available now from Sainsbury’s priced £9 per single bottle.


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