Étän Rum – Cameroon Gold

Rum to the Power of Five

etan rumÉtän is a premium award-winning 40% abv golden spiced rum. It has indeed two claims on their ‘Power of Five’ slogan. This rum has been distilled using a unique array of five botanicals found in and around West Africa and specifically in Cameroon. The second element is that five sisters, Laura, Briget, Noella, Caroline, and Kareen are the founders of the company. These ladies were raised in London but with family roots in Cameroon, which is the land of inspiration for Étän Rum.

The word Étän means five in Mungaka, a dialect spoken in Bali, a town and commune in Cameroon where there is no shortage of sugarcane. It also has a wide array of indigenous botanicals which are deliciously presented in this golden spiced rum called Étän.

Appeal to many a rum sipper

This rum is bottled in clear glass in an attractive angular bottle. It’s a deal more sophisticated than the pirate’s eye-patch and storm-swept galleons often depicted on labels affixed to less visually-pleasing bottles. This bottle would grace the mirror-and-glass shelves of any high-end hotel bar, and will likely appeal to many a rum sipper as well as those new to the genre.  Étän has already won a Silver at the prestigious London Spirits Competition 2021, a high recommendation.

This is a versatile spirit which can be enjoyed simply on the rocks on those cold winter nights. It is the perfect rum for your favourite cocktails, having a slightly different profile from that of your traditional choice. Its fragrances and flavours are subtle and well-balanced, with plenty of Christmas spices such as cinnamon and ginger along with a hint of vanilla for added sweetness.


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