Good4U – And Tasty Too!

Salad toppers for flavour and texture

We have all heard it – we must eat more vegetables. We understand the message but for many it’s a big leap. The prospect of a boring salad sends us directly to the phone to talk to the nice chap at the Pizza shop. Good 4U Salad Toppers elevate veggies and will likely convert the sceptical.

Good4U is a family-run health food company based in Sligo, in Ireland. They wanted to create super-nutritious products to give you a host of health benefits and with a range of ingredients suitable for everybody.

salad-topper-2In 2004 the company looked into the benefits of sprouted seeds. Backed by research from the University of Ulster they were determined to make their Super Sprouts available to a wider audience. Now they offer an array of seeds and sprouts which are flavourful and fun to eat, and add so much to even the simplest of meals.

The perfect garnish

Their range of crunchy and well-seasoned Salad Toppers is particularly exciting. Yes, they are designed to top those cold leaves, but they are versatile and can be added to plenty more dishes. There are three varieties. Garlic and Chilli is the perfect garnish to rice as a side dish for a spicy meal. This mix contains chilli-roasted seeds with crunchy beans and red pepper and a collection of warming spices. It would work well for Indian and Japanese dishes in particular.

The Super Seeds mix is ideal for lunch boxes, but consider these as a soup topper as well. Butternut squash soup can look rather dull so a sprinkle of these seeds will add a bit more visual impact as well as crunch. Bread makers will appreciate these too: just a few on the top of a hand-made loaf will make that baker look like a pro.

The Garlic & Herb melange is a winner! The mouth-watering array of ingredients includes roasted green peas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, edamame, garlic, rosemary and thyme. I would scatter these over grilled fish as well as on soups and salads.

Good4U Salad Toppers are deliciously imaginative and should perhaps be renamed Everything Toppers!


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