Glenlivet Whisky

Single Malt Scotch with Warming Sunshine

Glenlivet CaribbeanGlenlivet Caribbean Reserve is a bit of a departure from the distillery’s other offerings, and it holds a unique place. This is the tropical expression, as this delicious whisky was finished in casks that previously held Caribbean rum. The character takes advantage of traditional Scotch whisky and the essence of that iconic Caribbean spirit.

George Smith, Glenlivet’s founder, started as an illegal still owner. In 1824, he obtained a distiller’s licence to become the first legal distiller in Glenlivet, Scotland. Fifty years later, George finally won the exclusive right to call his whisky ‘THE Glenlivet’, definitively marking it as the single malt that started the celebrity of this style.

The Glenlivet distillery has experimented with Cognac cask maturation in the past, so a rum barrel aging isn’t a huge leap of faith in developing The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve. Its concept has enhanced its Speyside expression and produced something new, appealing to a younger audience who want a whisky that works as a sipper over ice as well as a base for cocktails.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: clear amber
Nose: tropical molasses and traditional whisky
Palate: warm and rich with burnt sugar and tropical fruit along with a hint of pear
Finish: long and warm with a caramel flourish. Smooth and balanced.