Avallen Calvados

Pure Apple Brandy.

AvallenAvallen is ‘apple tree’ in the ancient and almost forgotten Cornish language. This is a contemporary Calvados, and the only ‘old’ element is that it has been matured for two years in French oak casks. This is an important part of the production of this delicious spirit, giving it a fresh and rich apple flavour.

Avallen is a traditional cider apple brandy made from fruit produced under strict rules in Normandy. Calvados is celebrated in this northern region of France and one sip of this distinctive drink will tell you why. Forty different varieties of apples are used, coming from 300 different orchards, to make Avallen Calvados.

Appreciate the charms

Avallen is perfect for sipping on these cooler evenings, snuggled by a log fire with a leather-bound classic novel in one’s hand. Or cosy by a radiator watching a streamed movie. Either way it’s easy to appreciate the charms of this apple brandy.

There are a good many Calvados cocktails and Avallen’s distinctly fruity flavour offers plenty of possibilities. It’s the spirit of choice for those mixologists who want to offer their audience something a little beyond the predictable gin or vodka concoctions.

Even the bottles are unique, being bartender-friendly lightweight. The labels are made from recycled apple pulp paper. The company prides itself on its care for the environment and in particular the bee population, which is so crucial to mankind. No bees = no food. An alarming prospect!

Avallen is a well-balanced Calvados with green credentials.


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