Fino & Mint Cocktail

fino mintFino Sherry is a much underrated wine but it’s coming back into fashion. Here is a simple cocktail for summer. Don’t be shy with the mint! Chill the sherry before making this Fino & Mint cocktail.

Fino & Mint

Pour 60ml of Fino Sherry and 140ml of lemonade over ice

Cut a lime and squeeze into the glass

Stir before garnishing with a slice of lime and 3 mint leaves or more.


Fino sherry is a dry white wine with hints of almonds and wild herbs and is a great partner for salmon, Spanish olives, cured meats and the Christmas ham.  Why not try adding a splash of fino to your gin and tonic for an additional burst of flavour?

Sherry is a denomination of origin from Spain, that guarantees the origin and quality. Look for the distinctive ‘Vinos de Jerez’ or ‘Sherry Wine’ logo on the label to make sure you’re choosing sherry from the world’s finest wine growing region with a tradition of more than 3,000 years.


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