Elevate Father’s Day with SUAVE Tequila

 The Ultimate Gift.

Suave VodkaThis Father’s Day, honour the remarkable man in your life with SUAVE Tequila,  one of the finest spirits around, exuding sophistication and distinction. The sustainable, additive-free, luxury brand is, as the name suggests, a suave, ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas.

This collection of spirits is a testament to the time-honoured tradition of artisanal tequila making. This impeccable collection is an elevated drinking experience, created for sipping. It couldn’t be further from the party tequilas that were once so familiar.

Whether your father is already a seasoned tequila aficionado, or a curious appreciator of luxury goods, this is sure to delight him. He’s unlikely to have this brand in his collection, if he is a keen appreciator of fine tequilas, as it’s only recently launched in the UK.

There are four expressions ranging in price from £95 to £2000.

SUAVE Blanco (36.4% ABV; RRP £95)
SUAVE Lunar (36.4% ABV; £109)
SUAVE Reposado (36.4% ABV; £160)
SUAVE Ultra Añejo (36.4% ABV; RRP £2000).

SUAVE Tequilas are smooth, complex, full-bodied, additive-free, and Kosher certified. This ultra-premium range of sipping tequilas is as authentic as they come, hence the elevated price tag. The company sees through the creation of its liquids from field to bottle, and these exquisite liquids are differentiated by a strict policy of using no additives or colourants, a mission which is at the heart of all that SUAVE does.

So that you – and your father – are ‘in the know’, the name SUAVE is pronounced ‘swa-vay’, as if there was an invisible acute accent on the ‘e’, and it’s as suave a drink as you’ll ever find.

For those who like the back story, this family company uses only the very heart of the agave pina. All the green outer surface is stripped away so that only the pure white core of the pinas makes it into production. These strict quality standards are designed to minimise the amount of green leaf stalk that is left.  This means a purer alcohol results, creating a glorious drink. All this time and skill adds to the cost of an ultra-premium liquid. This  attention to excellence as well as sustainability has earned SUAVE a coveted Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury – an accolade awarded to only two other tequilas in the world.

Imagine presenting your father with one of these elegant bottles of SUAVE to make this day a true mark of your appreciation of all that your father has done for you.

You can buy SUAVE Tequilas at specialist online retailers including The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt and you can find SUAVE  in some of the UK’s top venues.