Belvoir Farm Has Christmas in the Can

Non-alcoholic and unique.

Belvoir Farm cansYes, it’s here again. Christmas is all about friends, family, food and drink. We want quality and variety, and Belvoir Farm has the solution for non-alcoholic beverages. Their 4-can packs give plenty of choice.

I have tasted three varieties of these delicious 4-pack drinks, and they are well up to the expected standard of Belvoir Farm’s beverages. They include Elderflower Lemonade, Sparkling Mango and Peach, and Raspberry Lemonade. Each flavour offers an authentic taste of those ingredients. They make the perfect addition to the festive drinks menu, allowing even the ‘nominated driver’ to have a glass of non-alcoholic ‘fizz’ without feeling short-changed.

Belvoir Farm is in the Countryside Stewardship scheme, meaning they are committed to balancing sustainability, profitability and modern farming with natural habitat conservation. I have been enjoying Belvoir Farm’s products for quite a while now and they never disappoint.


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