Diplomático Mantuano – a good mix

diplomatico rumDiplomático Mantuano is appealing even before one lifts the cork. It has shelf presence with an old-fashioned brown glass flask shape and sepia label offering a sketch of a handsome bearded gentleman.  Don Juancho is the man behind the company logo.

Don Juan Meléndez (“Don Juancho”) is the inspiration behind Diplomático rums. He was born to a noble family, and he was passionate about exploring the ingredients and methods behind the distilling of different flavours of rum and other traditional drinks.

Quality spirits for over 45 years

Diplomático rums are produced in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas. They have been producing top-quality spirits for over 45 years and from seven stills. The company distil using a variety of methods, including various continuous column stills for light rums, batch kettle for intermediate rums, and pot stills for more complex rums. The alcohol obtained from the fermentation process is heated, and then the vaporised alcohol is condensed to form the base spirit.

Through skilled blending of ingredients, the company has produced no less than 49 recipes for different rum products. Their master distiller has created the celebrated Diplomático range. Diplomático Mantuano is an authentic blend of rums aged for up to eight years. It is perfect for mixing cocktails such as a classic Mary Pickford or a Negroni.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: clear, amber

Nose: dried fruit, Christmas spices

Palate: oak, caramel, dried fruit, vanilla, warming spice


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