Diforti – sweet temptations

Here it is again! Seems like the pine needles from last year’s Christmas tree have just been extracted from the carpet, and mince pies are back in the shops! Where did that year go? Now, I am a lover of a good mince pie, and a Christmas would not be complete with out a box or two. But there is a world of sweet treats out there waiting to be discovered at Diforti!

Diforti hamperDiforti is a name likely new to many of us. It sounds rather Italian and that’s no surprise. They are purveyors of wonderful Italian products, and online too. That is an advantage at this hectic time of year. One can stock up for the festive season, but then there are gifts to give…

One is spoilt for choice when it comes to Italian pastries, which are a quintessential part of that country’s holiday season tables. They are all delicious, delicate and with a good shelf-life, so ideal to offer as luxury presents. I do have several favourites but everything I have tasted has been excellent, and working well with either a cup of tea or coffee or even a little glass of Vin Santo. Well, it is Christmas after all.

One can buy a traditional and rather stylish hamper from Diforti and that makes a beautiful presentation for your selection of Italian specialities, tailor-made for each of your loved ones. All you have to do is choose up to 10 items from the Italian gourmet food shop; Diforti staff will package and arrange your goods in the hamper and deliver the next day.

My recommendations would include:

Sicilian Cannoli with Pistachio Cream. A classic pastry with wonderful flavour and texture. Each cannolo is handmade and rolled into that familiar chubby tube shape. They are quickly fried, cooled and filled with pistachio cream.

For the perfect afternoon treat then nothing could be nicer than a little tin of Panettone. This is ideal for one or a couple over the festive season. A miniature taste of Italy at Christmas and New Year.

Aragostine filled with Lemon Cream are flaky, crunchy and tangy with citrus. These sweet pastries get their name from their lobster-tail shape. They are time-consuming to make, so best take advantage of the skills of these Italian bakers.

Fig and Walnut Cantuccini are another must-have at this season of merry-making. They are biscotti, twice-baked cookies, and ideal for dunking in sweet wine at the end of a meal.

Baci Di Dama White are rather classy little bites and would look quite refined when balanced on the saucer of a cup of the special coffee also available at Diforti. These little ‘lady’s kisses,’ are biscuits sandwiched together with a delicious dark chocolate filling which goes so well with coffee.

Diforti offers beautiful and moreish pastries, and nothing could be more special than a selection of these delivered in a hamper. An affordable and very Italian luxury.

Learn more about Diforti here https://shop.diforti.com