Skinny Lager

skinny lagerI am usually not a great lover of ‘free-froms’ or ‘lite-somethingorother’; strangely, ‘healthier’ brings visions of beige, tasteless and likely not to be repeated. But it seems there are products out there that do deserve a try, and with unexpectedly good results.

Skinny Lager is said to be full strength and full flavour with a long list of ‘better-for-you’ characteristics. And I believe them. The ‘World’s First Skinny Lager’ has been produced by SkinnyBrands Ltd to add some slim advantages to the lager industry.

Fresh tastes and an attractive bitter edge

Skinny Lager is brewed at Cameron’s Brewery in Hartlepool, County Durham. It has good flavour and balance with fresh tastes and an attractive bitter edge, as well as being gluten-free, vegan-friendly. Its unique selling point is having noticeably less calories and carbs than regular lager.

I would buy this again. It tasted like a regular lager and goes well with food. It isn’t over-gassy; the texture is thin, although I enjoyed that as I would serve this well chilled, and mostly in summer for a refreshing and light thirst-quencher.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Pale yellow in a clear bottle

Pouring: Good but light-textured head which fast diminishes to a soft foam. Fine bubbles

Nose: Aroma of grain, malt, citrus, hops

Palate: Medium sweetness, light bitterness, thin texture, effervescent with lasting fizz.

Finish: Refreshing with a short finish.

Pairing: Light foods, white meat and fish.

Serve: Well-chilled in the bottle or tall glass.

Specification and nutrition:
Calories: 89 calories per 330ml bottle
Sugar: 0.4%
Carbohydrate: 3g
Fat: 0g
ABV: 4%

Gluten-Free: Yes

This lager is Kosher Certified

Can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and vegans, as well as fish and meat eaters.

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