Diamond Glasses

A Spirited Gem.

Diamond GlassThese Diamond Glasses are unique and a perfect gift for Father’s Day or for that special person who enjoys the finer things of life.

One buys those special bottles of whisky or brandy, and one looks for an equally classy glass. These might be considered ‘novelty’ glasses but they are actually rather good. They are surprisingly light and ideal for presenting one’s special libation, along with an oversized ice cube.

Elegant borosilicate glass

The Diamond Glasses are designed by Magnum Brands in the shape of a… well, diamond. The glass sits at an angle and can be easily rotated and swirled to bring out the flavour and aroma of your drink.  It’s made from strong yet elegant borosilicate glass. Hand wash only, as these are delicate. Diamond Glasses have a 12.3oz, 350ml, capacity and come in pairs in a gift box.