Diabetes Recipes from Around the World by Jane Frank – review

Cookbook review Diabetes Recipes from Around the World Approximately 200 million people worldwide suffer with diabetes and there are millions more who have diabetes but are not yet aware of it. It’s an increasing problem, with more younger people than ever being victims. It’s a serious disease but it is still possible to enjoy life and good food even when diagnosed with the condition.

Managing diet is key to minimising damage and limiting drug use. But if your meals are dull and boring then you won’t stick to your regime. Diabetes Recipes from Around the World offers over 100 recipes for dishes that will help you manage diabetes, and they are dishes that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Food should be fun as well as being healthful.

Jane Frank is a nutritional therapist and has penned two other books: The Basic Basics Diabetes Handbook and Eat Smart Beat the Menopause, both published by Grub Street. She would seem well placed to give advice about eating properly but advice about healthy food is not the same as showing you how to cook the tastiest of dishes. Diabetes Recipes from Around the World is a tool you’ll enjoy using.

This book has some lovely recipes. Nothing beige and sacrificed to the god of bland here. They are a truly international bunch with the occasional adaption to make for a diabetic-friendly dish. You family will not notice that these are healthy foods. They might notice that your repertoire has improved, though.

Thai food is exotic and different. It has rich mouth-filling flavours and it’s a bit posh. Thai Fish Cakes are a traditional classic and here they are served with a Sweet and Sour Cucumber Sauce. You can use any white fish and even coley which is so often overlooked and underrated. This is 18% carbohydrate and low GL. Each recipe has a nutritional breakdown and a GL level – handy for diabetics but also for others who have specific dietary needs.

Seared Salmon Fillets with Spicy Soba Noodles hails from Japan and is an easy dish to make but good enough to present to your guests. Serve with a garnish of Wasabi and pickled ginger for authenticity. It’s worth getting Soba Noodles for their unique taste and texture. They work particularly well with the salmon or even in a clear broth for a quick winter lunch.

Diabetes Recipes from Around the World has, in my opinion, some of the most tempting dishes for those who must keep an eye on their food intake. They are vibrant, flavourful and well-balanced. Good for all the family. Good value for money.

Diabetes Recipes from Around the World
Author: Jane Frank
Published by: Grub Street
Price: £12.99
ISBN 978-1-906502-06-5


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