Copperpot Fudge for Christmas

CopperpotWell, where did that year go? Seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago we were enjoying summer barbecues in blazing sunshine. Now the dark evenings are long, and the air has a chill. It’s the festive season, or will be in a moment. Its Copperpot Fudge for Christmas!

So, thoughts move from grilling burgers to roasting turkeys, and also gift-buying.  There are stocking-fillers to choose as well as little-somethings for hostess gifts. Copperpot Fudge have just what’s needed, and I can personally attest to the deliciously addictive quality of that aforementioned fudge. One can purchase individual packs or even gift bags.

How’s about a seasonal selection of three varieties? There is something for every sweet taste:

Milk Chocolate Coated Butter Fudge made with Copperpot’s crumbly and creamy Butter Fudge coated in smooth Milk Chocolate. Classic comfort.

Irish Cream Liqueur Butter Fudge has a rich and adult taste.  Made with a ‘cheeky’ hint of Irish Cream Liqueur, this would be wonderful at the end of a meal with a cup of coffee. Memorable and melting.

Another fudge with a suspicion of alcohol is Christmas Spiced Butter Fudge. This has a subtle blend of festive fruits and spices, with a little brandy for a taste of Yule luxury.

Copperpot Fudge is perfect at any time of year, and their products make wonderful gifts for everyone – but don’t forget to hide some for yourself!


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