Copperpot Fudge – creamy and rich

copperpotFudge has long been a favourite sweet indulgence, and at any time of year. It’s creamy and rich and somehow takes one back to an English childhood when summers were long (just like this one) and one dreamt of a few days on the beach or rambling through green fields. Yes, Copperpot fudge does it for me.

Some of my youthful memories are of the West Country, and clotted cream. Copperpot Originals are based in St Ives, in Cornwall, where they have access to the fresh ingredients they need for making their celebrated fudge. Ken and Doreen Brian opened their first fudge shop back in 1978. In this age of closures and pop-up food businesses, that is quite an accolade. In the original shop there were 32 flavours on offer, and fudge was chopped and bagged in the old-fashioned way.

There have been three generations in the Copperpot fudge company. David, who is the Managing Director, works with his son Mark, Commercial Director, and they both follow Nan’s recipe, making this still very much a family concern and that’s wonderful to see. This also means that there are several generations of practical expertise.

Perfect hostess gift

I have tried a couple of varieties of award-winning Copperpot Originals Fudge and both have the taste of summer:

Strawberry Flavoured Cornish Clotted Cream: One must have a nibble of the classic fudge. It’s just what we all expect. That particular slightly crumbly texture and then all that cream as the fudge melts and coats the mouth of the lucky recipient. But this one had a surprise. This is strawberries with Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream, and nothing says summer more than that delicious partnership.

Limoncello Fudge brings back memories, not of Cornwall but of a slightly more distant vacation in Italy. This is indeed made with that famous Italian Limoncello Liqueur which speaks of warm evenings spent after long lingering dinners. The lemon flavour is fresh and vibrant and a great pairing with the traditional fudge taste and texture. This would be a delightful end to an Italian meal at home.

These fudges are excellent quality and would make the most perfect hostess gift when going to dinner with friends …or stay home, tell nobody and eat the lot yourself. Yes, it isn’t an easy choice.

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