Charlie and Ivy’s Bread Dippers

Dipper Tasting Set

It will soon be Father’s Day and that comes with the usual dilemma: What to buy? It was socks last year.  He must have loved them. They are still in the bag; must be keeping them for best! Charlie and Ivy come to the rescue with the perfect gift solution for any foodie father. It’s Charlie and Ivy’s Bread Dippers and they won’t stay in the box for long.  Won’t that make you feel better?

Charlie and Ivy’s is a family business, founded in 2014. The Palmer family have their farm on the Yorkshire Wolds and are passionate about everything from developing recipes to designing the packaging. All of the award-winning products are made using Charlie and Ivy’s own cold-pressed Yorkshire rapeseed oil.

Seven unique and delicious flavoured dipping oils are tastefully presented in a gift box. There is nothing to cook, nothing to add. These oils are ready to enjoy with some good bread.  They make a cheese-and-meat platter much more interesting and sophisticated.

Bread dippers

What’s in the box?

This gift set includes seven x 100ml bottles:

  • Garlic, Oregano and Balsamic Bread Dipper is a wonderful addition to an Italian-inspired spread.
  • Lemon, Balsamic and Juniper Berry Bread Dipper is fresh and vibrant.
  •  Chilli, Garlic and Ginger Bread Dipper has zing and spice.
  • Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon Bread Dipper would enhance any English cheese platter.
  •  Smoked Garlic and Black Peppercorn Bread Dipper is rich and mouth-filling.
  •  Blackberry, Thyme and Balsamic Bread Dipper is unique and versatile.
  • White Balsamic, Tarragon and White Peppercorn Bread Dipper is complex and works well with cold meats.

Bread Dipper Tasting Set is a long-lasting gift offering a host of possibilities. This selection will turn snacks into banquets and the cheese course into a sophisticated finale. And there are seven tasteful bottles – those socks only come in twos!


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