Chameleon Colour Changing Water Bottle

cameleon bottleHere is an interesting item. It won’t be shipped till January 2019 but it will be worth buying and putting by for the summer. Chameleon Colour Changing Water Bottle will add colour to your commute!

This metal bottle actually changes colour when one fills it with cool water. The thermochromic ink reacts to cold temperatures: the Chameleon allows you to see the fill level, so you’ll know exactly how full your bottle is, and if the contents are still cold, without having to open it. As the cold water activates the colour, empty sections of warmer air return it to white colour. It’s easy to see just how cold your water is as the colour intensity gradually lightens as bottle gets warmer. This will be great fun for kids to use and practical for the desk-bound, too.

You will not be able to purchase a Chameleon bottle in retailers until late March/April, but you can get your bottle early from the manufacturers, and in the first production run.

The bottle holds 600ml so a perfect size to carry in a tote bag or backpack. There are several colours to choose from, making this a practical and ‘green’ accessory for summer sipping on the go.


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