The Root 7 G & Tea set

G & TeaThe Root 7 G & Tea set is a rather beautiful glass teapot with two matching cups. The fabulously sophisticated design, by master mixologists, is of high-quality rainbow-tinted borosilicate glass with a shimmering gold script. That glass is ideal for both boiling-hot water and the coolest of iced gins and tonics, with perhaps a few additional botanicals.

Fill it with spices

The 800ml pearlescent teapot comes with a glass filter basket for you to add tealeaves when making a regular cup of boring tea – or fill it with spices to infuse a more interesting alcoholic libation. One might add star anise, and a couple of cloves. Leave these to soak in your chosen gin and then pour into an ice-filled cup. It says G & Tea emblazoned in gold, but there are a few alternatives to Dutch Courage. Vodka could be infused with citrus peel or even some chilli.

But this is a tea pot, so how about using this little glass beauty for some rather classy teas. A light green Sencha tea would look beautiful. Some red Rooibos tea would look striking. This is a pot which cries out for some special teas with delicate flavour.

The Root 7 G & Tea set would add a touch of interest to an al fresco afternoon tea with an aperitif of gin and tonic. It would be as pretty as a picture surrounded by cupcakes and finger sandwiches. That would be a real talking-point.

Find the G & Tea pot here at Root 7