Casa Mana Chardonnay

Tesco for Spritz

Spring is here and minds turn to entertaining. Tesco has a great selection of value for money wines to help with the party budget. Casa Mana Chardonnay is the key ingredient for a refreshing spritz.

The Solís family has enjoyed a great reputation for polished wine production for many decades. The winery has focused on tradition and thousand-year-old vine cultivation while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. The winery is found in the central plateau of the Iberian Peninsula and is the world’s largest vineyard. Chardonnay grapes flourish in the climate and the soil of this region.

Casa Mana Chardonnay from Tesco not only makes a delicious cocktail but, when well-chilled, is perfect for light summer dishes, grilled fish and shellfish. It offers hints of green apples and stone fruit and at a price which won’t break the bank. Its dry and crisp character with balanced acid makes this the wine of choice for warmer months.


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