Cardrona for Gin for Christmas

Fresh from the New Zealand Southern Alps.

Source GinThe luxury spirit brand Cardrona distils handcrafted spirits in New Zealand’s picturesque Southern Alps. Their range is now available in the UK and is making its mark. The Source Pure Cardrona Gin is one in their range.

Cardrona Distillery is family owned and operated. The very best equipment has been sourced from around the globe, to make their unique handcrafted spirits and liqueurs. The bottles have shelf appeal, and the contents will not disappoint.

Product of the beautiful Cardrona Valley

Multi award winning ‘The Source’ Gin is a product of the beautiful Cardrona Valley, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. It is a masterful melange of locally foraged rosehip and the essential juniper berries along with coriander seeds for spice, angelica root, and lemon and orange zest. These delicate botanicals are vapour-distilled into the base spirit.

‘The Source’ Gin will be appreciated by any lover of that spirit. It makes the perfect gin and tonic, but one can also enjoy it well chilled, simply poured over a chunk of clear ice. The gin might become cloudy with the dilution of a mixer or when it’s cold; this happens as it is non-chill filtered.  This process ensures that the full flavour and character of the gin is maintained.


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