Capsulier Lite for your coffee-lover

capsulier liteIt’s almost here! Christmas! But the excitement can be somewhat tempered by the prospect of gift-giving. What would make original and thoughtful delights for under the tree? Capsulier Lite comes to the rescue.

Many of us are proud owners of coffee makers. The sort with those small capsules is popular and I wouldn’t want to be without mine. But those capsules either go to landfill or need to be recycled – but there is an alternative, and it’s practical and green …although it’s actually white.

Capsulier Lite is the world’s first reusable, mess-free and fuss-free capsule maker and it works with most of the popular machine brands. What could be more exciting than being able to customise your coffee pod? You’re no longer confined to those coffees in the machine-maker’s range, and with no plastic or aluminium waste.

Create your own capsule with your favourite beans and even spices. Load the roasted and ground beans into the Capsulier, close the lid, and push the lever: you’ll have a capsule ready for use in seconds. This capsule maker is designed in Hong Kong, the home of innovative gadgets. It’s a similar size to one of the smaller coffee machines. Its sleek white lines will complement most kitchens.

Ready for use in under ten seconds

Some people can’t start their day without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Pod-based coffees are a great alternative to expensive coffee-shop coffee… and who wants to queue? It takes seconds to fill a pod, and coffee will soon be warming your travel mug. The process is so simple: the capsule will be ready for use in under ten seconds.

Then there is the money-saving aspect and that could amount to quite a lot if the recipient of this Capsulier is a serious coffee drinker. Reusable pods mean that once you’ve invested in a Capsulier, you have a lifetime of customised coffee pods to enjoy. The stylish stainless-steel pods are reusable and washable, and each pod should last the lifetime of your machine. There is no recycling and that is an attractive bonus these days.

Each CAPSI capsule is made from stainless steel. This durable metal offers the perfect balance between form and function. My only criticism of this Capsulier is that it comes with only one capsule. I don’t think that works for a couple or a family, or even a coffee aficionado who might have the habit of a brace of coffees in quick succession before heading for work.

The Capsulier Lite is one of the most ingenious gadgets of this year and will likely be a winner at Christmas and for a long time after.

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