Sweet Crosta & Mollica

Apricot Crostata.

Crosta MollicaThe founder of Crosta & Mollica, James, was working for a company that imported Italian fruit and he was lucky enough to travel to every region of Italy to meet fruit farmers. He was impressed by the passion they had for their food. Inspired by both lifestyle and ingredients, Crosta & Mollica was born. That start was more than 13 years ago but the search for authentic, artisanal and regional Italian specialities continues.

Apricot Crostata are a great addition to the Crosta & Mollica range. Each pack sports the iconic yellow and black colours on their easily recyclable outer packaging. Inside, the 4 tartlets are individually wrapped to maintain perfect freshness. Unwrapped, each Crostata makes a very smart item for an afternoon tea; but that packaging also makes these ideal for summer picnics or to fill a corner of a lunchbox for a discerning foodie. What a treat! The pastry is light and crumbly and the confiture topping is fruity with a hint of lemon zing to give balance to its apricot sweetness.

Crosta & Mollica come with great sustainability credentials. Their products are thoughtfully packaged and even their office is managed with sustainability in mind. But at the end of the day, one will buy these goods just because they are delicious and convenient.

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