Caorunn – the Scottish London Dry Gin – review

Caurunn gin bottle The first thing one notices about Caorunn gin is, well, the gin! Its rather classy bottle presents mountain-stream-clear aromatic alcohol in its purest form. It invites the prospective drinker to anticipate the cool, crisp gin within.

For me, Caorunn is a classic gin. It’s well-crafted and balanced. Its infusion is delicate, a few of the aromatics being more pronounced. Nothing is overpowering, however, making this a perfect gin for sipping with the traditional tonic or as part of a cocktail. It’s versatile, an all-rounder.

On the nose this offers a good belt of juniper, as expected. That’s what a classic gin is all about. There is a hint of something lightly floral on the palate, but then comes the citrus, which gives a nod to the whole gamut from lemon through orange and even a suspicion of grapefruit on the finish.

Lacks the harshness of many new-age spirits

Caorunn, pronounced ‘ka-roon’, is the Gaelic word for rowan berry and those tiny orange fruits are said to be integral to the flavour profile of this product. I can’t argue with that as I have never actually tasted rowan berries. Whatever they are contributing they are doing a good job!

The finish was agreeably long but mellow. This gin lacks the harshness of many new-age spirits, making this a brand that will endure.

The new Caorunn Gin bottle will be available from March for £28 RRP in selected Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco; also Fortnum and Mason, Oddbins, The Conran Shop, Spirited Wines, The Whisky Shop and spirit specialists. The price is subject to change throughout the year within the different retailers.

Caorunn is appreciated around the world, and is available in more than 35 countries. It is stocked in leading UK cocktail bars, hotels and restaurants such as London Gin Club, The Merchant House, Mr Fogg’s, Duck & Waffle, Hawksmoor Guildhall, and Sheraton Hotel.

Here is a cocktail which makes great use of Caorunn Gin

Fireside by Tristan Stephenson


50ml Caorunn
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Ginger juice
80ml Apple juice


Build the cocktail in a highball glass and garnish with honey-roasted walnuts.

This cocktail has been created by renowned mixologist Tristan Stephenson to celebrate the launch of the new Caorunn bottle.

Learn more about Caorunn Gin here

Gin review by Chrissie Walker © 2018