CAMPARI – make Dad’s Fathers Day!

It’s Dad’s special day, although every day should be Fathers Day. He loves cocktails and the weather (we hope) will be conducive to some interesting libations in the garden. CAMPARI is a classic and it’s versatile, so a bottle of this red delight will likely tick a lot of beverage boxes – and earn you some brownie points!

CAMPARI artBut what exactly is CAMPARI? It’s an Italian alcoholic liqueur and often used as an aperitif before a smart lunch or dinner. It’s made from a secret infusion of herbs and fruit and was invented in 1860 by Gaspare Campari. In 1904, Campari’s first production plant was opened near Milan, enabling CAMPARI to reach a wider audience. This well-regarded drink has remained just as the original through the decades.


CAMPARI’s unique and pleasingly intense aroma and distinctive flavour create a truly timeless drinking experience. But if you are looking for an upgrade to the regular bottle then there is a creative twist on the classic CAMPARI bottle. CAMPARI has been associated with cutting-edge art and design for 160 years. CAMPARI has launched the exclusive, collectible CAMPARI Art Pack, which is a 70cl bottle of CAMPARI accompanied by a limited-edition poster by renowned avant-garde artist and pioneer of Futurism, Fortunato Depero, in a unique collectable canister. This would be an outstanding gift for anybody at any time. Consumers can get their hands on the limited-edition collector’s item at The Bottle Club and The Whisky Exchange now – whilst stocks last.



Try a CAMPARI G&T. Mix equal volumes of CAMPARI and your preferred gin (I personally favour an Old Tom, as its sweetness partners well with the bitterness of the CAMPARI), add a dash of either lemon or lime juice and top up with tonic water. Serve over ice.

CAMPARI is international, sophisticated and a home bar must-have. Whatever the occasion and whatever the packaging, CAMPARI will be welcomed by every lover of classic cocktails.