Cadbury Choc-Ing Around the Christmas Tree 



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Midlands based attraction Cadbury World has unveiled a tree-mendous new creation – the first ever light-up chocolate Christmas tree.

Standing at an impressive 80cm tall and weighing approximately 30kg, the magnificent chocolate tree took the talented Cadbury World chocolatiers four days to make.

The masterpiece was created by Donna Oluban, Dawn Jenks and Terry Collins, who worked with milk and white chocolate to delicately handcraft their latest choc-tastic creation.

The branches were constructed from eight trays of set Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, which were then carefully cut to a classic Christmas tree shape. The expert chocolatiers added all of the festive finishing touches by hand, including hand piping the texture of the branches and dusting it with green lustre to create the effect of a traditional pine tree.

The creation is decorated with over 30 ornaments handcrafted from milk and white chocolate, all intricately created using lattice work and brought to life with coloured cocoa butter, edible glitter and metallic lustre. The baubles contain holes for the festive fairy lights to shine through, illuminating the details with colour and Christmas magic.

Each bauble contains an intricate chocolate sculpture inside its dome, including Rudolph, a gingerbread man, turtle doves, a snowman, and even a miniature Cadbury World.

The tree’s base was made using a bucket full of chocolate and set to support the 20kg branches. Underneath the tree sits a chocolatey selection of toys and gifts, which were expertly crafted using cake tins, cookie cutters and ice cube moulds. These include chocolate presents, a ‘wooden’ train and a toy robot, all coloured beautifully and adorned with Christmas sparkle.

The snowstopping sculpture will be on display in the Chocolate Making zone at Cadbury World for visitors to enjoy over the Christmas period.
Gerrard Baldwin, General Manager at Cadbury World, said: “We are always so impressed by the fantastic creations our chocolatiers create here at Cadbury World, and we are especially excited to show our visitors this dazzling Christmas tree brought to life with the wonderful addition of fairy lights this year.

“The festive period isn’t complete without a Christmas tree and some sweet treats, so we’re very pleased to be sharing the first ever light-up chocolate Christmas tree with everyone enjoying a day out here with us this December.”

Guests can enjoy a whole host of chocolatey fun at Cadbury World in the lead-up to Christmas, including the family-favourite Santa stage show running every weekend until the big day and from 21st-23rd December.

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