Altamura vodka

The Historic Spirit.

Altamura VodkaAltamura is a town and commune of Apulia, Italy, and is famed for its bread. Pane di Altamura is the only bread in the world supported by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Now the region has a spirit sporting that same name: Altamura Vodka is already a classy winner.

This well-crafted vodka is produced from 100% ancient Altamura grains which have been used to make the aforementioned bread. It claims to be the first spirit made from 100% of that wheat, which has been grown here for more than 2000 years. These grains have names including Arcangelo, Appulo, Duilio and Simeto, and are known for their hardiness and complexity of flavour.

Award Winning!

Altamura is produced in Italy but by Americans who fell in love with the country and, initially, its food. They tasted that bread and realised that the key ingredient, wheat, could be turned into vodka. Their efforts have been rewarded with two Gold medals and two Silver awards from The Global Spirits Masters Competitions 2022. The brand won the ‘Best Vodka’ in the spirit category at Tails of Cocktail, where the brand hosted four large events in a collaboration with Barcelona’s Paradiso Bar and world-famous Galatoise Restaurant.

Vodka is the base of so many classic cocktails, but it’s important to choose a good one. Altamura has great shelf appeal with a tall statuesque frosted bottle. The lioness logo reflects the sculpture found on the steps of the cathedral, symbolizing strength and pride in the heritage of Puglia. The three stripes on the bottle, illustrating the colours of Puglia—yellow, blue-green, and red—signify the sun, sea, and earth, which are integral to life in the region.

The Altamura vodka within is clean, fresh and elegant, and ideal for mixing a well-chilled Martini where the spirit used is very much showcased. It is a vodka of distinction and character, and the perfect gift for the discerning connoisseur.

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