9-Mile-VodkaThe MBG Group has introduced a new Super Premium Vodka brand. It is curiously called 9 MILE VODKA (I note the bold use of capitals), and that name has more to do with the USA than countries more typically associated with this clear spirit. Following the sale of the Three Sixty Vodka brand in 2005, the Group now presents their latest offering.

9 MILE VODKA was conceived on a road trip to the state of Utah in the USA. There is a striking spot called Nine Mile Canyon and its landscape has inspired the production of this premium vodka. The rock is red and pink, and those craggy outcrops have evidently had an influence on the bottle design. It sports multi-faceted etched glass cut into mountainous profiles which are also reflected in the bronze label. Our bottle even has the bonus of a light which one assumes is to encourage some smart al fresco night-time sipping.

Clean and crisp vodka

But the association with rocks doesn’t stop at the unique packaging. This clean and crisp vodka is made from crystal clear water and specially chosen grains. During production the 9 MILE VODKA is filtered through granite stones, and this is a new process designed specifically for this vodka.

9 MILE VODKA has shelf appeal – with or without the illuminations. Its flavour is mild and well-balanced with fresh and clean citrus notes on the nose. This will be a popular vodka when served very well chilled and on the rocks (ice this time), with a classic tonic. It’s a much more mellow vodka than many on the market, and thankfully missing that throat-grabbing spirit ‘sting’ of lesser bottles.

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