Brockmans Negroni

Negroni Week 14-20 September

Brockmans Gin celebrates this deliciously famous classic with a Negroni recipe. The classic combination of 3 equal measures of gin, Campari and Red Vermouth is hard to beat.

When you have an astonishing gin to hand, creating some slightly surprising twists on the Negroni theme can produce some delicious surprises.

The combination of botanicals in Brockmans Gin includes notes of bitter-sweet orange peel, blueberries, and blackberries. By combining Brockmans with just two other ingredients, the results are surprising and unusually delicious – perfect for Negroni Week or, frankly, any time you and your guests deserve a sophisticated and delectable creation.

brockmans negroni blanco



35ml Brockmans Gin

35ml Luxardo Bitter Bianco

40ml  Sparkling grapefruit (20ml grapefruit juice / 20ml soda water)

Garnish: a thin wedge of pink grapefruit



Fill a tumbler glass with ice cubes then add 35ml Brockmans Gin and 35ml Luxardo Bitter Bianco and top with equal measures of grapefruit juice and Soda water. (40ml in total) Give it a gentle stir in the glass.

Garnish with the pink grapefruit.



Brockmans Gin (RRP £34) is  stocked by ASDA, Booths, Co-Op, M&S, Morrisons, Ocado and selected speciality retailers and online retailers including the brand’s own online shop:

Brockmans is a 40% ABV gin made in England and packaged in stylish and tactile black glass. The rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries in this gin combine with juniper and 8 other intriguing botanicals serve to give Brockmans an intensely smooth, beautiful taste.

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