British Fresh Whole Turkey from ALDI

Aldi breastIt’s the Holiday season! By that I don’t just mean Christmas: there is also New Year and beyond, too! Turkey can fit the bill for so many occasions, and ALDI offers quality and budget-friendly birds.

Turkeys were first domestically raised in ancient Mexico. There are many explanations for the name “turkey”, and I like the sound of this one: it is said that when Europeans first discovered these birds in America, they incorrectly identified them as a type of guineafowl, which were imported into Europe by Turkish merchants at that time. France has assumed an Indian origin for these Christmas favourites, and they call them dinde (“from India”).

These days turkey is the go-to meat for large Christmas celebrations. One bird can feed a crowd and there can surely be no better centrepiece than a whole golden turkey. But that entire bird can be made into other delicious meals with just a sharp knife and a bit of imagination.

A turkey crown is the perfect solution for a small family and makes a delicious roast with all the traditional trimmings. A real Holiday winner, and those breasts are versatile, too.

100% British, Class A Turkey Crown, basted with the bone in for a succulent eat.

Size / Weight: 2.4kg-2.8kg of moist meat

Whole Turkey

Aldi turkeyALDI also offer birds for larger gatherings. One’s fresh ALDI turkey can be butchered with ease and its resulting parts can present sumptuous dinners for New Years and after. Remove the legs and thighs (keeping those in one piece). De-bone and de-tendon the leg/thigh portions. Remove the skin in one piece and set aside. Flatten out the meat to create one thin sheet. Cook and cool some well-spiced sausagemeat and stuffing, then spread on the turkey meat, leaving a 1-inch margin all around. Roll up the meat to create a log with turkey encasing all the stuffing. Wrap this parcel in the reserved skin; tie with butcher’s twine to secure. Roast until thoroughly cooked through. This would make a smart New Year’s Eve meal.

Remove the breasts from the whole fresh bird or use a crown. Cube one and that can be used for filling turkey and ham pies, or for an aromatic turkey curry. The second breast can be sliced, and each slice beaten thin to create turkey escalopes. These make crisp delights when coated with flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and they fry in moments even from frozen. This method stretches the breast meat to feed more people.

ALDI has turkeys to suit any family size and any budget:

100% British fresh turkey sourced from the finest Red Tractor farms. Small serves 7-10, Medium serves 11-14, Large serves 15-18, Extra Large serves 19-21.

Size / Weight:
Small 3-4.49kg Medium 4.5-5.99kg Large 6-7.49kg Extra Large 7.5-9kg


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