Blanquette de Limoux 1531

Tesco Finest Outstanding Sparkling Wine.

blanquetteBlanquette de Limoux is produced around the city of Limoux in Languedoc in southwestern France. It is considered to be the first sparkling white wine produced in France, although still wine has been produced in this region of France since Roman times.

Champagne is the most celebrated sparkling wine, but it is thought that Blanquette de Limoux was created long before. The first written mention of “blanquette”, from the Occitan expression for “the small white”, appeared in 1531 (the date is memorialised on the label) by Benedictine monks at their abbey in Saint-Hilaire. We lived in that area for a few years, and it was the most popular fizz for entertaining. I am surprised that it has taken so long for the UK market to discover this fine wine.

The Limoux vineyards, which cover 2000 hectares, have a unique micro­climate, located as they are in the Pyrenean foothills 20 km from Carcassonne and its famous medieval castle (which, by the way, is said to have inspired Walt Disney’s Magic Castle). Until recently Blanquette de Limoux has mostly been for home consumption – French homes, that is. Now we can buy a bottle or two without the need for a cross-Channel trip!

Great value for money!

Tesco Finest have added this Blanquette de Limoux to its shelves and it is a worthy inclusion. The Mauzac and Chenin grapes are blended and aged in the bottle for 12 months to produce complex flavours of peach and green apples, with a toasted brioche finish. Delicious and great value for money!

Tesco Finest 1531 Blanquette de Limoux is my preferred alternative to the more ubiquitous but often less consistent Prosecco or Cava. It’s well worth a try and it’s unlikely one would be disappointed. It makes the perfect aperitif, and pairs well with light foods, white meats, salads and seafood.

Tasting notes:

Nose: apples, a hint of toast
Palate: stone fruit, tart apples
Finish: medium, crisp and refreshing

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