binary botanical

Beer for Wine Lovers

binary botanicalbinary botanical beers are somewhat unique. Truth to tell, I was not expecting to enjoy a beer which was designed to appeal to wine-lovers. Manipulations of a successful format often don’t work. But I was surprised… pleasantly surprised!

With just half the calories and alcohol of wine, sugar-free and vegan, binary is the perfect balance between delicious flavour and better-for-you. The beer comes in both 4% and 5% styles so great for long evenings. The 660ml bottle is perfect for sharing, especially with a meal. The 250ml bottle is ideal for portion control (95 calories, 1 unit of alcohol) and for use in individual cocktail preparation. One can enjoy binary botanical as an aperitif and happily stick with it during the meal. Mixing grain and grape is seldom a good idea so this innovation might well save a hangover or two.

An intriguing combination

These refreshing beers are full of flavour and give distinctive nods to wine. This is such a cross-over drink that it will appeal to both wine drinkers and beer drinkers – and those who thought they didn’t like either. It is an intriguing combination of both flavour and texture, and it does, as the publicity says, work perfectly as a partner to any meal. Serve well-chilled with light foods such as salads, fish and white meats with light sauces. binary works as a base for cocktails when mixed with fruity syrups. Lemon adds tang and strawberry enhances the sweetness. Simply add sparkling water and ice for a long refreshing adult drink.

If one enjoys light beers with a sweet edge, then binary is a good choice. If one is looking for a light-alcohol alternative then binary is the one for you. If one enjoys elderflower wine then this has your name written all over it.


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