Good Beer Guide – Belgium – book review

Good beer guide BelgiumBeer has changed its image over the last decade. It was once the chosen beverage of older folks who had their favourite brew and they stuck to it. Then there were the beer anoraks who viewed with professional disdain anything that was widely popular with the general public or not brewed in a barn. Good Beer Guide – Belgium gives an insight into a country with a fine beer reputation.

The Good Beer Guide to Belgium offers a comprehensive overview of this beverage that now has a new lease of life and broad appeal. It’s a country with a long history of brewing and the guide will be the ideal gift for any beer lover who might be contemplating a trip to mainland Europe.

Unique brews by destination

This is a hefty volume and in its eighth edition. It is a catalogue of Belgian beer information and a directory of where to find the most unique brews by destination, as well as listing overviews of the individual breweries. All is not lost if you don’t happen to have a trip to Belgium on your near horizon: there are suggestions of where one might find Belgian beers outside that country.

The Good Beer Guide is a book designed for those who are interested in the subject of beer, not just in drinking it. It’s about the process and the craft of brewing, which is concisely celebrated in this book.

Good Beer Guide – Belgium
Published by: CAMRA Books; 8th Revised edition
Price: £14.99
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1 85249-341-7